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Outback Bowl 2023: Penn State Nittany Lions Vs. Arkansas Razorbacks

Outback Bowl


College football is prevalent in the united states. Outback Bowl game is a game played between college teams. The unique thing about this game is that it plays on new year’s day. Since 1986 this event has been in operation till 1994. It was known as the Hall of Fame Bowl, then changed after 1994 to Outback Bowl because of the new sponsor, Outback steaks.


 The Venue for this game has always been the same since its inauguration. It is played every year on 1st January at Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida. This stadium was opened in 1967 and has been. The stadium can accommodate 65,890 people at a time, and at the time of Outback bowl, it remains wholly occupied. That’s how people are crazy for football there.

Outback Bowl 2023


This time, Pen State Nittany Lions are taking over Arkansas Razorbacks to claim the title. Pen state team belongs to the Big Ten conference, while the Razorbacks belong to Southeastern Conference SEC. Unlike other bowl games, these two conference tie-ins have been there since the beginning, where teams participate from different conferences. Although there are more than a hundred conferences across the country where hundreds of groups participate and thousand of players from schools and colleges participate, the officials of this bowl game have agreed with the Big Ten and SEC to send their one best team every year.

Teams Stats 

Penn State

 The Nittany Lions finished this season with a 7-5. They have won 7 games and lost five games. This record doesn’t look that promising, but one season record can not define how lethal the Nittany Lions can be when it’s their day. 4 games out of five they lost this season were in a close contest. They fought hard to win these games, but they couldn’t succeed in the end. However, this team has grown stronger because a few players who have come back, like James Franklin and senior player San Clifford have decided to come back with Pen state. It is a good sign for the Nittany Lions, and everyone on the team is determined to win the upcoming game.

Arkansas Razorbacks 

They are ranked 21st, but it doesn’t define their performance as they have a record of 8-4 in this season. It is a better record than their opponent, Nittany lions, 7-5. Razorbacks have won 8 games and lost four games. That’s impressive because their ranking has not been so good over the years, and this time, they have managed to qualify for the outback bowl. KJ Jefferson is the crucial player for razorbacks. He has been outstanding throughout the season. Jefferson has 21 touchdowns, three interceptions with 554 on the ground, and five scores on his bucket list while Razorbacks won their first bowl game since 2015; based on performances, they look quite capable of winning the game. Still, one should not underestimate the opponent because, on the day, anyone can win the game.


Since its inauguration, only two sponsors have got the opportunity to invest in this game. From 1986 to 1994, it was sponsored by the Hall of Fame, so it was called the Hall of Fame Bowl. However, in 1996, this game was known as an outback bowl because of sponsor outback steaks. 

Prize Money

 Along with the exposure that players get from these conferences and bowl games, the payout amount attracts the teams and players a lot to upgrade their performances to get the chance to play bowl games. Last time an amount of $6.4 million was organized in the payouts, and this time, we can expect a similar amount.

Previous Bowl Game

 Last year, on 1st January, an outback bowl was played between Ole Miss Rebels and Indiana Hoosiers. Both teams belong to Southeastern Conference, SEC, and Big Ten Conference. Ole Miss Rebels were the victorious team. They won the game by a margin of 6 points, a fighting contest you can say the final score was 26-20.


 The tickets for this game are available online on the websites and 

Live Stream 

Outback bowl game has numerous fans and everyone can not come to the stadium hence it is telecasted across the tv so that fans can watch and enjoy the game. 

CBS Sports and ESPN are the broadcasting partners of this game. They will stream this game live. Both the channels are pretty popular, and almost every cable network has these two channels on their bucket list. DirecTV, Dish TV, Verizon Fios, and AT&T tv all broadcast these channels. One can easily find these channels on television and contact your cable network provider.

Most people have quit watching tv. They prefer their mobiles and laptops to watch the content; therefore, internet tv providers have included sports channels in their subscription plans, so fans find it easy to watch such games. Youtube Tv, Hulu with live Tv, FuboTv, and sling TV are the famous internet TV providers. They all have included ESPN and CBS sports in their plans to watch the games like an outback bowl, but Before watching, you need to get their subscription and stream the game on any mobile, laptop, tablet, or even a smart tv.

The fans outside of America find it difficult to watch the game because both the cable and internet tv won’t stream this game; hence there is a hack method called VPN. A virtual private network allows you to switch your IP address location from one city to another, so you can easily switch your location and access these channels anytime.

Be its cable network, internet t,v, or VPN, everything comes with a subscription plan, and you have to spend some amount, but there is also a free source to watch the game. Social media is the free source to watch any game globally, but one needs to find the proper account, channel, or page.  


So, until now we have discussed the outback bowl and came up to the point that the outback is one of the most anticipated bowls with thousands of enthusiastic fans. 

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