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Super Bowl 2023 Live Stream – How To Watch

Super Bowl 2023


Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) played between the league’s two conferences. The game is played between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). People outside North America interpret Gridiron football as similar to traditional football (soccer), but we call it just football. Yes, the rules, the stadium, the play all seem to be different from football, but it is the most favourite and loved sport all over the US. As we all are fans of American Football, let’s check some exciting facts and details about the super bowl.


The history of the Super Bowl started from the 1960s before the merger of AFL and NFL. The super bowl is the most anticipated event in the history of the USA, and the day on which the super bowl is played is considered a national holiday. Americans consume as much on Thanksgiving Day. It is the most-watched single sports event in the world behind the Uefa champions league final. The Super Bowl 2015 drew around 114 million viewership which is still a record. The Super Bowl is famous not only in the US but is broadcast worldwide.

Super Bowl 2022

When & Where Will Be The Super Bowl 2023

The Super Bowl trademark as Super Bowl LVI will be held at SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California on 13, February 2023. It is a tradition to play the super bowl every 2nd week of the second month. There is a seating capacity of more than 700000 spectators and can be expanded to 100k for super bowl purposes. Every super bowl fan wants to watch the super bowl live, but it is practically impossible. Please don’t be sad, and we have made a list of multiple platforms on which you can watch super bowl 2023.

Commercialism In The Super Bowl

This is the modern commercial world, and every event in society is commercialized. The Super Bowl is one of the most successful retail events in the history of the US. The halftime break and post-game commercials drew record revenue. The entertainment factor is also a prominent part of the super bowl as famous artists; celebrities perform in the gap. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Shakira have served in the super bowl.

Which Teams Will Play Super Bowl

The teams selected for the super bowl are the winners from AFC and NFC. The last edition was played between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chefs. Chefs top the AFC West with a record of (11-7), and Buccaneers beat the NFC South with (12-6). This year teams will be decided by the regular NFL season. The buccaneers won the last super bowl 31-9 against chefs. Tom Brady was named MVP, and he was the oldest quarterback to win the super bowl and MVP award. Tom Brady also holds the record of winning most super bowls in his career (7).

Most Successful Team Of Super Bowl 

The Super Bowl’s success significantly impacts the teams either financially or morally. A win in the super bowl can change the franchise’s entire history. The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are currently the most successful teams, having won six super bowls each. Of the 32 units of NFL, 20 teams have won the Super Bowl on different occasions. Only seven franchises have won back-to-back super bowls. The winner is awarded the Vincent Lombardi trophy named by the legendary coach who led the Green Bay Packers to an excellent bowl win in the first two seasons.

Viewership Of Super Bowl

The super bowl holds the first position in viewership across the USA. According to the database, the NFL has the most viewers compared to the big five sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and NFL). The super bowl is the most demanding and viewed event in the USA, with viewership overwhelmingly domestic. The super bowl viewership tops the chart of most audiences every single day, and according to Nielsen TV rating, 100 million people are tuned in to watch the super bowl any time. The 2015 super bowl grabbed a viewership of 114 million viewers, the largest ever viewership in American history. The halftime show followed 118 million views reflecting the popularity of the super bowl in American culture.

How To Watch Super Bowl 2023 Online

The Super Bowl was broadcast live by NBC this year. Previously the NFL rotated the rights of the Super Bowl to different television networks, namely ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS. These networks have been allotted telecast rights up to 2033, and only one channel at a time can air the Super bowl.

Apart from television broadcasts, several fans want to stream the super bowl live or live outside America, where NBC coverage is unavailable. We have compiled a list of streams on platforms on which the super bowl can be watched live.

Peacock TV

Fans in the USA can watch a live stream of the super bowl on Peacock TV. The subscription plan is 5$ monthly, and it gives access to 50+ channels, including NBC, on which the Super Bowl will be broadcast. It is a smooth option to stream as the charges are economical and feasible. Peacock TV also offers an ad-free plan and allows the subscribers to download content to watch later.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is another excellent option for US citizens to watch the super bowl. Launched in 2015, Fubo TV was established as a soccer streaming site but later evolved into a multi-channel streaming site. Fubo TV offers a free day’s trial for new subscribers. The subscription plans by Fubo TV are 65$, 70$, and 80$ based on different services. You can watch Fuo TV on your Smartphone, smart TV, and other portable devices without any difficulty. Fubo TV guarantees no hidden charges, which enable users to enjoy hassle-free service.

Sling TV

Sling TV also offers super bowl fans to watch live streaming of the event. Sling TV provides subscription plans of 35$ and 50$ monthly, seemingly economical and provides a stream of 50+ channels of different categories. Sling TV offers 50 hours of DVR storage and screen sharing for up to 3 devices. You can easily watch it on smart devices like Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, etc. You can pause, adjust and cancel your plan anytime without any conflict. This shows the quality service of sling TV because you will never need to avail of this offer. 


DirecTV is the no.1 American satellite service with record nationwide coverage and channel lineups. It was launched in 1994 as a primary digital satellite service provider, later evolving into a streaming and over-the-top service provider. DirecTV is a reliable option to watch the super bowl as it also includes the NBC channel. The packages of DirecTV are divided into four categories based on features. The basic package consists of 65$ monthly and offers various sports channels, including live super bowl coverage.

Hulu TV 

Hulu, a popular streaming platform across North America, also offers online streaming of Super Bowl and other College Football matches, which will be broadcast on ESPN. It has a subscription package of 70$ per month in which users can stream 75+ channels with the addition of Disney+ and ESPN+. So many offers at such a price of 70$ are legit. The Super Bowl can be watched on Hulu as the streaming platform has live coverage of NBC as part of Hulu Live TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV, a live streaming and coverage platform of video giant YouTube, is also a portable way to watch the super bowl. Although the live TV option is only available in the USA, fans can watch the live event feasibly on YouTube TV as the video giant acquires the right to stream NBC on their platform. YouTube offers a subscription plan of 65$ per month, giving access to 80+ channels and unlimited DVR space. The Live TV service doesn’t include any DVR fees, cancellation fees, or additional charges. YouTube TV has launched a limited-time offer of 55$/monthly for new subscribers. So, hurry up and enjoy live transmission of the super bowl on YouTube Live TV.

Paramount +

Paramount + is also a durable option to watch the super bowl. It is a subscription video-on-demand, over-the-top streaming service owned by Paramount pictures. It also provides live coverage of various cable channels, including NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN. Not only NFL, but you can also watch NCAA, soccer, baseball, basketball, and many other sports by just signing up to paramount. The subscription plan starts from just 4$ per month. Paramount + has around 8 million followers who enjoy entertainment, sports, and many more on your smartphones, smart TV, or laptops.

How To Watch Super Bowl 2023 Online Outside The USA

The NFL is watched in the USA, but gridiron football is loved all over the world. Fans eagerly wait for the event around the globe. There are plenty of channels, streams on which fans can comfortably watch NFL 2023.

Super Bowl 2023 In The United Kingdom

NFL stardom across the UK is something that needs to be discussed. After the USA, the nation which follows gridiron football passionately are English people. Several rounds have been played in the UK, and London has hosted 28 games of 31 NFL teams. The matches are mainly played in Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium. The Super bowl will go live on BBC 1 and Sky Sports either through cable or their website. The United Kingdom residents can enjoy the NFL and feel the same thriving atmosphere at the SoFi stadium at home.

Super Bowl 2023 In Canada

The love and passion for the NFL are the same in Canada, just like in the USA. However, Canada has a small viewership compared to the US but still is celebrated like a national day, the same as the US. Live streaming service DAZN is the platform on which Canadians can watch the super bowl. They have to subscribe to DAZN, which only costs 20$ a month or 150$ yearly. DAZN also offers a free 30-day trial service equal to the feast for Canadian fans. Apart from DAZN, CTV will also broadcast super bowl 56. The time is not confirmed yet for the super bowl, but it will likely kick off at 6:30 pm ET.

Super Bowl 2023 In Australia

Australia is known for its opposition to the rest of the world. Geographically, when it is cold in Australia, the rest of the world enjoys summer. Just like the climate, Australians play a different type of football which they call Aussie Rules Football. Despite the popularity of Aussie rules, the Aussies love the super bowl. They are also lucky as the super bowl will be streamed live on channel seven. ESPN will also show the super bowl through Foxtel. Fans can stream the tie on the Foxtel go app.

Super Bowl 2023 In Mexico

Well, Mexico is a soccer-loving region, but the NFL has made a firm grip on the sports culture of Mexicans. The 2023 Super Bowl will be telecast on several channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, Televisa, and TV Azteca. Fans can watch the matches live on ESPN’s website.

Super Bowl 2023 In Europe

Europe is the home of soccer. All the nations play soccer at a very high profile level. Despite solid competition from soccer, American football has made a place in the heart of Europe. Super bowl euphoria has also reached Europe. The super bowl will be broadcast and streamed live in many countries in Europe. The super bowl will be telecast on ProSieben and streamed on intelligent devices on the network’s website in Germany. The super bowl will be broadcast on L’Equipe in France, and Bein Sports, Spain, will watch the super bowl via Telefonica. The Italians can enjoy the live stream of the super bowl on DAZN.

Super Bowl 2023 In Asia

In Asia, soccer is mostly followed, but the trend is shifting, and gridiron football is paving ways on TV sets of Asians. In China, super bowl fans can watch live matches on Fox Sports, BesTV, Fujian sports on TV, and live on their websites. In Japan, fans can watch the super bowl live on DAZN and NTV.

Super Bowl 2023 In Africa

African fans also have a great passion for American Football. On ESPN, Super Bowl is available in various African countries, including South Africa, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Senegal. Fans are excited and can watch it live on TV on the ESPN website.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media covers a large global audience. It is easily accessible and mostly free, gaining millions of followers. The organizers of the NFL do not support the idea of free streaming of such a high-profile event, but still, many users find a hack for unethical streaming of the super bowl. They mostly do it for gaining followers and likes. Some social media platforms on which users can watch a live stream of the super bowl are as follows:


Facebook is one of the famous and most prominent social media platforms, having 2.89 billion users worldwide. Around 1.8 billion users daily use Facebook, which is a vast number. The method to watch super bowl live on Facebook is straightforward; write super bowl live on the search bar on match day when the bowl will start, and you can see plenty of users who are streaming the tie live. It may be annoying for you as the Facebook management constantly blocks illegal streaming, and you have to switch multiple accounts to watch the whole bowl.


YouTube is the biggest video-hosting platform. Millions of users watch videos of different niches and get entertained through them. It is also the biggest live streaming platform, and you can watch super bowl LVI on YouTube via live streaming. You may have to use a VPN to get streaming of the super bowl.


Reddit is a social media platform where you can get links to newly released movies, live streaming of different events, and live matches. Users of Reddit usually share some links to NFL matches at the start of the game. It is pretty much sure that you will find some links to the super bowl too on Reddit, but we are not sure whether the video quality of the tie is good.

How To Watch Super Bowl 2023 Online Through VPN

If you are a US citizen and out of the country due to business or other reasons and do not want to miss the Super Bowl LVI, as you are a die-hard fan of the NFL. We have a solution for you. Just download any good VPN that will change your network’s IP address to the destined region. Following are the lists of VPNs we have gathered for you to choose a reliable and best VPN.

Express VPN

Express VPN is the most secure and reliable VPN you can use to watch the super bowl. Thanks to its speed, ease of use, robust security, and compatibility to be used on every intelligent device at just 12.95$ monthly. It can be easily rated as the best VPN up to date. It offers a free 30 days trial, and if you sign for the annual plan, you will get the next 3 months of VPN service free. Enjoy the live streaming of the Super Bowl LVI with Express VPN.

Surf Shark VPN

Surf Shark is also an excellent choice to stream the super bowl. Surf Shark subscription plan includes:

  • High-speed content delivery.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Advanced security features.
  • 2 4/7 customer support.
  • Access to unlimited devices at just 12.95$ monthly.

Surfing sharks is the best way to watch the super bowl without any distortion.

Nord VPN

You can watch Super bowl live streaming on NordVPN too. The subscription charges are 11.95$ monthly, and it provides a seamless quality. If you are on a public Wi-fi and looking for peace, then NordVPN is the best option for you.


The Super Bowl & NFL is not just a sport, and it has become a cultural trademark of America. It represents America, and the passion for gridiron football in America is beyond the limits. The Super Bowl & NFL are the most thrilling sports leagues globally, with an average attendance of 67000 spectators. It is ahead of many famous sports leagues like the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and Australian Football League. The Super Bowl & NFL tops globally and are the undisputed champion among the big 5 sports in the US (MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL) in terms of attendance and popularity.

Unique Business Model

The NFL is not only the no.1 sports league but is also a money-making league topping the charts with 16000 million$ in revenue in the year 2019. The no. of teams, their rivalry, the food consumption in the matches, sponsorships, promotions, star players, and their passionate followers all play a vital role in the revenue of the NFL. The Super bowl itself is the second most-watched single event annually, only behind the UEFA champion league final of soccer. Despite all the popularity, Super bowl & NFL are sports close to the hearts of Americans. 

Super Bowl Sponsors

The Super Bowl has a significant impact on American society. It is the largest sports event in America, and the game has enormous sponsors. NBC will be charging a hefty amount of 6.5 million$ for a 30-second ad slot. Pepsi, who has been the beverage partner of the super bowl’s halftime show since 2012, has paid over 2 billion$ in terms of sponsorship. Nike has signed a deal to be the sponsor of all 32 teams until 2028. These are some main sponsors of the super bowl. The super bowl is lavishly decorated with sponsors, and the broadcasting deals to air the super bowl are also signed in billions of dollars. 

Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl tickets are short when the matchup is determined, and all the tickets are purchased early due to the high demand and festive encounters between the AFC and the NFC teams. The vibes we feel in the stadium can’t be matched by watching the Super bowl on cable TV or online streaming platforms. The tickets are available on various sites, including,, and The price will range between 4000-5000$ but may increase due to high demand.

Super Bowl Prize Money

The Super Bowl has a reputation as a golden egg for the NFL and the American economy. Billions of dollars are generated due to the super bowl. The revenue is distributed among NFL organizers, corporations, sponsors, and the teams that participate in the Super bowl. In 2021, the winning team players got 130,000$ as the share while the losing teams got 25% of the share bonus. The trophy itself is valued at over 10,000$, reflecting the status of the super bowl as a brand.

Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl halftime show is the most viewed presentation in the world. Every year celebrities across the US perform in the halftime show and make the atmosphere more thriving and aesthetic. This year five rap and R&B legends will perform in the halftime show at super bowl 2023. Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar will be this year’s performers on one of the biggest stages in the world. Only Blige is one of those artists who have performed at the Super Bowl before, and she performed in super bowl XXXV at the halftime show.

These artists have a combined 43 Grammys awards and have a huge fan following throughout the world. 

Super Bowl And The Covid

The US celebrated the super bowl like a national holiday. The sudden uprising of a new Covid variant omicron has once again caused a situation of insurgency. The average number of cases reported in the USA is around 700,000, and the figure may even be more than measured. It is expected that the Super Bowl will not be postponed and go ahead with total attendance. Still, the spectators have to take responsibility and carry all instructions given by the government. 


The Super Bowl holds a tradition of sportsmanship and fair play. Neither team will win the prestigious Vincent Lombardi trophy, but both teams are applauded at the end of the match. The units are still not decided as the playoffs will take place on 16 January. The Super Bowl will occur on 13 February 2023 at 6:30 pm ET. Hope all the fans across the globe will enjoy the grandest finale and will witness a thrilling encounter at Sofi stadium.

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