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Rose parade 2022

How to watch Rose parade 2022 live stream

Since 1890, one festival makes the entire America loud, lively, colorful, and of course united, this is nothing but the Rose parade, typically known as Rose Bowl Parade.  This New Year celebration is becoming the most breathtaking and memorable event not just for the people of the United States but also for the millions of spectators around the world. Although last year this historic event was organized virtually due to the pandemic.

This is an annual parade also known as the tournament of roses. It has been uninterruptedly celebrated for the last 130 years except for three years of World War II and 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association Organizes this 2-hour, iconic New Year’s day celebration program with its highest professionalism and sophistication. In this highly attractive parade marching bands, equestrian units, dozens of flowered floats, and hundreds of renowned celebrities of the world participate? 

This year the Grand Marshals of the rose parade are Gina Torres, Rita Moreno, and Laurie Hernandez and the entire parade will be led by newly crowned Rose queen Camille Kennedy. 

This article will provide you complete guidance for or enjoying the upcoming  Rose bowl parade. You will have all the necessary information over here. Such as; The schedule, Broadcasting authorities,  hotels, and accommodations. Moreover, you will have information on various options to enjoy the festival remotely. 

The rose parade 2022 time, dates, and route

The historical, overwhelming, and thrilling Rose bowl parade 2022 will begin at 8 AM PST, on January 1, 2022, in Pasadena, California, USA.  

The rose parade 2022 will begin from the corner of Green Street and Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena. The participants of the parade will be in front of the tournament house. Before turning to Colorado Boulevard the parade moves onto the north orange grove. The main grandstand is situated near Colorado Boulevard. 

If you would like to have a seat in the grandstand, there are ticketing facilities for the spectators. You can reserve your ticket via Sharp Seating Company. There are some other companies that are highly professional in this regard. 

How to watch the rose bowl parade 2022 live stream?

The Pasadena Tournament of roses Association is expecting in the upcoming festival more than 70000 spectators will enjoy the iconic parade live from the event. Apart from this, approximately 7 million people will be watching the show from different parts of the world.

There are a number of TV channels, online platforms, and social media platforms telecast this New Year show Live from the event. 

Domestic broadcaster 

The rose parade presented by Honda will be telecast live at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time on 

They are the domestic and official broadcasters of the rose bowl parade 2022. But on Univision, the broadcast will start at 7:00 a.m. 

If you like to enjoy the show from your laptop or desktop then Stream on to, Hallmark,, and

International broadcaster

There are lots of international broadcasters too who usually telecast the whole show live for their audiences around the world.  Broadcasts are live in the Caribbean, Armenia, and Latin America. Broadcasters yet to be published their schedule according to their time zone.

How to watch the rose bowl parade 2022 online streaming?

Although there are lots of local and international TV channels that broadcast the tournament of roses every year, some other options for those who want to enjoy the show online. Or if you think you will have a busy schedule at that particular moment, there is nothing to be worried about.

 There are some live streaming services for you.

  • AT&T  TV live 
  • Hulu Plus live TV
  • Peacock TV
  • Sling TV

Like some other online streaming services,

AT&T TV live

offers a 7 day free trial to all of their customers. You can utilize this great opportunity to enjoy the rose bowl parade 2022. During the free trial period, you can observe 35 channels using this streaming Site.  

If you think you are highly satisfied with the services of AT&T TV live then you can go for different packages of this online platform.  The cheapest package is 69.99 dollars plus taxes.  

Hulu plus live TV

is another good option for celebrating the parade.  The free trial of this TV lasts 7 days and it is more than enough to enjoy the entire New Year’s Day. After the free trial period, you have to expand $64.99 per month for the uninterrupted streaming service. In this package, you will have 75 Plus channels. No hassle to set up, no hidden fees and you can cancel anytime.

Hulu Plus live TV includes live telecasts from ABC and NBC and this is how you can enjoy the parade without any interruption.

Peacock TV

Offers all live programs streaming on NBC. Its 7-day free trial period will help you to Celebrate the tournament of roses from anywhere in the world. During the trial period, you have to consider promotional activities of different products.

Sling TV

is also available for a free trial.  The one, who wanted to enjoy the rose bowl parade 2022 via sling TV, can capitalize on the 30-day free trial offer.  But sling TV is not available in all markets.

Comparative analysis among TV channels:

TV ChannelsFree Trial PeriodCheapest Package (Per month)Streaming from
AT&T TV Live7-Day$69.99 plus taxNBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX
Hulu Plus Live TV7-Day$64.99ABC and NBC
Peacock TV7-Day$5 NBC
Sling TV30-Day$35NBC

How to watch the rose bowl parade 2022 on different social media platforms?

Although there are many domestic and global broadcasters and TV channels who are highly professional to telecast the parades for the last 130 years. But recent year’s statistics reflect something really surprising about the participants on the social media platform.  People around the globe feel more comfortable using different social media platforms rather than TV channels to celebrate the parade and any sort of entertainment. Nowadays the most popular social media options are:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


is the most popular and widely used social media platform. As this largest and thrilling new year event will be celebrated by more than 70000 spectators this year,  it is so normal to have someone on your friend list who will Stream live the occasion. So stay connected with Facebook at that particular time of the festive.

It is highly recommended to share the video so that many other people can enjoy the occasion accordingly.


is also known as the treasure of all videos. There is a very high possibility to have an uploaded video of the rose parade 2022 within the shortest possible time after the program. So if you search your expected parade video after a couple of hours on this occasion, I believe you will not be disappointed.

We would like to recommend you that, before enjoying the video make sure it is downloaded because YouTube sometimes removes their uploaded videos.

Along with Facebook and YouTube, there is a high possibility to have the videos of the rose bowl parade on

Twitter and Instagram. 

These two social media network is comparatively less popular Then Facebook and YouTube. But there is a specific class of users who shares their events and stories on Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, Instagram is popular for sharing videos.

So, if you keep yourself connected with these two platforms, you may have the videos of the tournament of roses in your accounts. 

How to Livestream the 2022  Rose  Bowl Parade anywhere in the world using VPN?

There are some special cases when you have to go for an alternative option for watching your favorite shows in your country. The Broadcasting Channel may be restricted in your country and you have to hide your IP address. VPN  is the only solution to celebrate the rose parade in this circumstance. The widely used VPN  services are:

  • ExpressVpn
  • NordVPN
  • Ipvanish
  • Cyberghost
  • Surf shark

But the most trusted and highly efficient one is ExpressVpn.  The second best according to our list is  Nord VPN. How is a complete procedure that  how to live stream  the tournament of roses with VPN:

Step 1

You need to sign up first to download the software. But if already you have an ID you don’t need to go for this step. 

Step 2:

We strongly recommend you to download expressvpn  because according to the review of the earlier users this is the most efficient among all. But NordVPN also provides uninterrupted services.

Step 3:

Install the software and before this make sure you have downloaded the accurate version for your device.

Step 4:

Sign in and create an account. Now change the location as the program will broadcast from the USA. For example, you have to use a US server to unlock ESPN.

Step 5

Finally,  play a video.  you may require to clear your browser cookies to reload the page again to have a smooth service. 

ExpressVpn ensures outstanding services. excellent speed, evading censorship, trusted privacy, and smart customer support. There is no software like ExpressVpn which can give you such outstanding and unparallel services from anywhere in the world.

Do You Have to Buy Tickets for the Rose Bowl Parade?

You don’t have to buy tickets for the parade unless you want to watch from a specific viewing area. There are no seats provided, so viewers need to bring their own chairs or other seating options.

How Do I Buy Tickets to the Rose Bowl?

There are a few options. You can purchase online in advance at, or you can get passes from an official ticket seller like Ticketmaster, StubHub or VividSeats.

Are They Having the Rose Parade in 2022?

Officials of the Tournament of Roses reiterated Monday that they expect the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game to be held as scheduled on New Year’s Day 2022 in Pasadena. They also acknowledged that they were watching daily virus statistics, but officials said there is no cause for concern at this time.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

Whether in the year 2022 the rose parade will be celebrated virtually like 2021?

No, the rose bowl parade 2022 will not be celebrated virtually. The Pasadena Tournament of roses Association already announces the program schedule which will be organized offline and altogether. 

How many flowers are used in the rose parade?

In the year 2020, 18 million flowers are used in the rose parade. According to the organizing committee, in 2022, Approximately 18 million flowers will be used in the upcoming festival.

How many floats are in the rose parade?

 Approximately 45 floats participate in the rose parade each year. 

What does a float cost?

Approximately a float costs $275,000. It can be higher and lower depending on the design, sophistication, quality, and some other variables.

Where can I watch the rose parade for free?

AT&T  TV and Hulu Plus TV provides NBC and ABC .In peacock TV  NBC’s streaming services are free with ads. Anybody can enjoy the parade for free capitalizing on these advantages of the above TV channels.

Final words:

Covid-19 takes away all the amusement and excitement of the rose parade last year. All the organizing committees but organized it virtually. The situation is comparatively better this year and almost everybody in Los Angeles gets vaccinated. 

So the Pasadena tournament of roses Association is highly excited to organize this historical event successfully this year. The people of entire America wait every year to enjoy New Year’s Day.  Thousands of people around the world participate in this two-hour parade.

Hopefully, the rose bowl parade 2022 will bring the same joy and happiness to the faces of Spectators as before.  This is not just an event for the American people; this is becoming a global festival.

Disclaimer :

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